Daily Archives: December 3, 2016

four-wheel-camperWe’ve had the camper a couple of weeks now. It’s more wonderful than I imagined. Four Wheel Campers have evolved into really clever, efficient small living spaces.

The company has been in business for more than 40 years and they have listened to customers, taken their suggestions and come up with innovations of their own. The result is a very smart design and execution and, consequently, a very comfortable, tiny space.

The Isotherm frig is surprisingly big. Eighty liters is a lot of space. Our plan is to do the complicated cooking at home and then pack several days of dinners into the frig before we go. We haven’t use the freezer yet but, according to the manual, it’s not really a freezer but just a colder part of the refrigerator. I guess no Haagen Daz in the wilderness after dinner.

One thing to keep in mind, something we found out the hard way, is that the camper really off gases when it’s new. The vinyl siding and the cushions off gas so much that we found it unusable for the first four days we had it. My plan was to sleep in it the first night. However, when I started working to get it ready, I realized the smell was so strong that I couldn’t even stay in it to set up the bed.

To speed up the process of getting the smell out of the camper, we removed all of the cushions and left them in the backyard to air out. Then we opened all the windows and the vent/fan in the camper and left the door open during the day. After four days, the smell was gone. I’m only glad we weren’t planning a trip for the day we picked it up. We would have ended up in a motel someplace.

aluminum-ladderThe only other issue we had was figuring out what to use for stairs. We wanted something light and effective and hoped whatever we chose would be good for our elderly dog. We ended up compromising because we couldn’t find a single solution.

We lift the dog into the camper and use a three step aluminum ladder for us. The ladder is the perfect solution because it’s extremely light weight, reasonably priced and compact .