Daily Archives: August 20, 2016

Finally Decided

On Tuesday, i bought a new Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road truck. It wasn’t easy to find. I checked a number of dealers in California but from every one of them I got the same story. We have no Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road trucks on the lot and we aren’t getting them in any time soon.

Some dealerships said they were getting one in next month but it was already spoken for. Not only that but the prices were jacked up a few thousand over the MSRP. And I had to take what they got it, no choice of color or options unless I wanted to special order one and wait months for it.

So I skipped the California Toyota dealers and started looking in Washington. I started at the top of the state and worked my way south from dealership to dealership. When I called Magic Toyota in Edmonds, Washington, they said they had a white one on the lot, fully loaded and they were selling it for the MSRP. They sent the specs and I bought it on the spot. No sense waiting now that I’ve decided that’s what I want to get. I have to pick it up in Washington and drive it to Southern California to register it with the DMV within 30 days.

And today, I bought a Four Wheel Camper, the Fleet model that fits the Toyota Tacoma. I got the solar panels, the extra battery, the 80 L frig, sink, hot water and two burner stove. I also got an awning, front dinette and airbags. I never get all the options but this time I did because I’ve waited so long to get the camper that I don’t then want to have to find someone to modify it. What I ordered will be ready to get on the road as soon as it’s installed on the truck. The camper will be ready in the middle of November.