Another Opinion

Today I had a long conversation with a friend who owns a Four Wheel Camper and he spent over an hour telling me about his camper and what he’s done to it. He bought the shell and then had them add a stove, heater, propane tanks, awning, wiring for solar and a fan.

He doesn’t have a built in table and chairs, preferring instead to use tiny stadium chairs and a small table that can be set up either inside or outside. And he uses an ice chest for his refrigeration. No indoor plumbing. He’s refined the design by adding hooks, boxes, storage containers and a mattress topper. The set up works perfectly for him and he said that he’s spent at least 100 days camping in the last three years and thinks he has everything just the way he wants it.

Talking to him made me waffle for a while. I was back to option two, a Four Wheel Camper on the Toyota Tacoma we have now. This is the least expensive, least risky solution and we can figure out how much we like being on the road and what we’ll need to be comfortable. It’s surprising how personal all these choices are. Each couple, each person lives uniquely and while you can say what works for you, your preferences simply don’tĀ translate to another person.

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