Daily Archives: August 6, 2016

On the Lookout

I am in the process of choosing and buying a camper so I can hit the road, hopefully for half the year or more. A very long time ago, I spent the summers in a camper in Alaska. I still associate that time with adventure and not many mundane responsibilities, and I’m hoping to recapture that feeling and improve the experience the second time around.

Right now, I’m in the process of looking for the right vehicle. I’ve done a lot of searching and done a lot of reading and research about the options. I’ve run through the following
1. Lance Camper on a Ford pick up
2 Four Wheel Camper on a Toyota Tacoma
3. XPCamper V2 on a truck that would support it
4. XPCamper V1 on some kind of heavy duty truck
5. Custom built aluminum camper on a Ram 3500 chassis
6. Used Sportsmobile
7. Customized flat bed Four Wheel Camper on a Ram 3500 chassis

Right now, I’m settled on #7 and think that’s what I’ll get but the die isn’t cast so things can still change.